tclip just got clippier - YouTube Short

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Want to watch this in your video player of choice? Take this:

This was a project that I used to help me learn Final Cut Pro. This ended up never being released at work, but I think it's worth preserving for posterity's sake. This is intended to be the YouTube short version of this post.


Here's what we've been up to with tclip, the best way to share small snippets of text on your tailnet.

Have little snippets of code you want to share? Need to copy an error message to a coworker or two? Tclip is there for you. You can install it today on Docker, fly, or NixOS.

We started tclip with a simple design to make it easy to develop.

Now it uses a beautiful new design with Tailwind. This makes it look similar to our other tools so you know where to look.

Tclip uses sqlite to store all your data securely and durably. But the way we used sqlite required us to pull in a C compiler. This made it hard for us to cross-compile and distribute tclip.

So we got rid of that with a new SQLite package. Now we can distribute it for every OS that Tailscale supports a lot easier.

Try tclip today, your tailnet will love it. See the pinned comment to find out how.

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