Xe Iaso

Archmage of Infrastructure

  • Go, Lua, Haskell, C, Rust and other languages
  • Docker (deployment, development & more)
  • Mashups of data
  • kastermakfa
Highlighted Projects
  • Aura: PonyvilleFM live DJ recording bot
  • The h Programming Language: An esoteric programming language that compiles to WebAssembly
  • Olin: WebAssembly on the server
  • Printer Facts: Useful facts about printers
  • waifud: A VM manager for my homelab cluster
  • When Then Zen: Meditation instructions in plain English
  • x: A monorepo of my experiments, toy programs and other interesting things of that nature.
  • Xeact: My personal JavaScript femtoframework for high productivity development
  • Xesite: The backend and templates for this website
  • Xess: My personal CSS framework
Quick Links

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