Instant Pot Quinoa Taco Bowls

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This is based on this recipe, but made only with things you can find in Costco. My fiancé and I have made this a few times, and it's a great alternative to giving up on life and ordering delivery.


Makes 4-6 servings, at least based on experience


If you want it to be more spicy, add more spice. We've found this tastes pretty good when you add more spice, but this depends on your mood more than anything.


If you haven't cooked the ground beef yet, sautée/brown it in the instant pot. See things like this for more information on how to do this. Any method will do, just make sure the ground beef is actually cooked to avoid accidentally poisoning yourself.

Put all of the other ingredients in the instant pot. Order doesn't matter, but I have found that better results happen when the quinoa is put in first.

Mix everything with your favorite mixing tool.

Put the lid on your instant pot and set it to manual for 2 minutes.

Once that is done, leave it alone for about 15 minutes (this doesn't have to be exact).

Serve warm in a bowl, can go well with tortilla chips depending on your mood.


For about a bowlful, nuke until hot (~1 minute 30 seconds seems to be the magic number). Eat while hot.

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