Shouting at my editor

Streamed on M03 04 2023
Cadey is coffee
<Cadey> Hi. This page embeds a video file that is potentially multiple hours long. Hosting this stuff is not free. Bandwidth in particular is expensive. If you really want to continue to block ads, please consider donating via Patreon because servers and bandwidth do not grow on trees.

This is a bit of an experimental stream where I attempted to dictate code with cursorless. When I recorded this stream, I was at minute twenty of playing with this tool. This stream is going to sound really weird, because I am going to be rattling off voice commands that will sound weird at first.

On this stream, I decided to implement a stable diffusion feature for my CDN XeDN. It replicates the API of the service gravatar, but backed by stable diffusion based off of the hash. There is a terrible bit of code that turns a gravatar hash into a stable diffusion prompt and seed combination.

This stream covers the following topics:

Tags: accessibility voiceControl go stableDiffusion