You complete me

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Like two stars we dance in the cosmos;
individually our light shines,
but together it grows brighter.
We are a duet in the heavens,
each complementing
and strengthening the other.

Our orbits intertwine
like vines in a forest;
the mycelia of the air.
Our glows differ
without clashing.
Our stars align
as if they see one
instead of us both.

How I cherish your presence
escapes beyond words.
You stabilize me,
I stabilize you,
we stabilize eachother.
You, half mine;
me, half yours.

You complete the hole
my heart lacked in the flesh.
Your love and care
help me go on.
Without you I would
be a shadow of my current self.

You look past the reflections
and see the beauty within.
You complete me;
I complete you.

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