The New Gods

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Stan Harkaanian ended his band’s show with a guitar riff that echoed throughout the stadium. The set ended a billion dollar worldwide concert tour, performing in 49 cities across the world for millions of fans. “Thank you Olympus and good night!”, he shouted to the crowd just before he made his leave off the stage.

Stan walked down the back corridors to his room, the sounds of fans cheering echoing around him. It was an empowering feeling to be so loved by so many. Very empowering, but not in the way you may think. You see, the old gods had never really died out. As cultural needs changed, the gods found themselves required to adapt or risk becoming phased out of humanity’s zeitgeist. If this happened, the old gods would die powerless.

However, they found a way to adapt. The old gods crafted the idea of the celebrity. If they could not be worshipped as gods, they could be worshipped as mortals. Those humans thought they were so clever kicking out the old gods in favor of self-determination, yet they ended right back to worshipping them again.

Stan walked into his room and then sprawled across his couch, a flash of light exposing him for who he really was. He was Zeus, god of the Greeks. He hadn’t felt this empowered in years, he felt unstoppable. “If those mortals only knew”, he thought to himself, smiling like an idiot.

There was a knock on his door. Quick, he’d have to think of something, he transformed back into his mortal form holding a doobie. Nobody would think twice about a rocker getting high…would they?

His girlfriend walked in, it was safe. Phoebe…Hera was there for him since Olympus fell. “Hey hun, on top of the world?”

“From some level you are too babe~”

They kissed, sharing their godlike power. If only it would last forever like the days done by. He wondered what happened to Apollo after he had gone on the long trek back to Pollux IV, their home planet.

Hera interrupted his thought with a rub on the ear. “Don’t think about that now love, let’s go to the spot we talked about.”

They got up and left the stadium, the awesome powers channeling into them from the fans. Walking out on the street, they headed to the mountain of old.

Facts and circumstances may have changed since publication. Please contact me before jumping to conclusions if something seems wrong or unclear.