Tailscale: A modern replacement for Hamachi

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This page is a blog post by Xe, a Developer Advocate at Tailscale. It compares and contrasts Tailscale with Hamachi, a tool that Xe used in college to play games with friends over a shared network. The article highlights how Tailscale is an evolution of the concepts that Hamachi introduced, such as firewall hole punching, relay servers, and private IP addresses. The article also shows how Tailscale adds more features and benefits than Hamachi, such as identity-based access control, HTTPS certificates, MagicDNS, Tailscale SSH, and support for more platforms and OSes. The article concludes with some examples of how Tailscale can be used to build the next generation of shared game worlds, internal applications, and more. The article is intended for people who are familiar with Hamachi or want to learn more about Tailscale.

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