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Site Update: Salary Transparency Page Added

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I have added a salary transparency page to the blog. This page lists my salary for every job I've had in tech. I have had this data open to the public for years, but I feel this should be more prominently displayed on my website.

As someone who has seen pay discrimination work in action first-hand, data is one of the ways that we can end this pointless hiding of information that leads to people being uninformed and hurt by their lack of knowledge. By laying my hand out in the open like this, I hope to ensure that people are better informed about how much money they can make, so that they can be paid equally for equal work.

Raw, machine processable data (including employer names) is available at /api/salary_transparency.json. The JSON format is not stable. Do not treat it as such. I reserve the right to change the formatting or semantics of the JSON format at any time without warning. The raw data is in /dhall/jobHistory.dhall in my site's git repository.

I have also taken the time to make sure that the old post maintains an up-to-date list. I do not want to break semantics on my website without a very good reason. By leaving the old post un-updated, I feel it would be doing a disservice to the community.

Please consider publishing your salary data like this as well. By open, voluntary transparency we can help to end stigmas around discussing pay and help ensure that the next generations of people in tech are treated fairly. Stigmas thrive in darkness but die in the light of day. You can help end the stigma by playing your cards out in the open like this.

It can be scary to do this; however every person that does it will make it that much more easy for the next person to do it.

Don't be afraid.

This article was posted on M06 14 2022. Facts and circumstances may have changed since publication. Please contact me before jumping to conclusions if something seems wrong or unclear.

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