Redfall: somehow they made vampires boring

Published on 05/03/2023, 915 words, 4 minutes to read

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I bought an RTX 4080 recently. It's a fantastic card and can easily handle literally everything I throw at it. When I bought the card, Canada Computers told me it came with a copy of The Last of Us Part I. When we got home and redeemed the codes, turns out it wasn't for The Last of Us. It was for Redfall. My husband got a 4080 with the same game too, so we decided to wait for it to release and then brace for impact.

They really did try when making this game, but it's nowhere near ready for release. Their intent was to make a co-op focused looter shooter about vampires taking over a small island, but what we found was a bland, boring, and overall uninspired mess of a game that I'm glad I didn't pay for.

I would get some pictures or video of the game (we forgot to record our playthrough) but I can't be assed to download the game and endure it again.

Aoi is wut

Wait, they made vampires boring? How do you do that?

Cadey is coffee

The same way they did in Morbius, not using social constructs around vampires to do innovative things. The island is invaded by vampires but none of them really do anything different. It's just the same enemy a billion times.

In our testing, we had the following issues:

Many of the issues in this kind of game would be "immersion-breaking", or the kind of issues that make you suspend your suspension of disbelief that you're playing a game. I would be willing to wager that this game cannot suspend disbelief because it didn't even induce the suspension of disbelief for me and my husband.

I feel really bad for the team that made this because this game is obviously not done yet, but the critical reception is so bad that the game may never be finished. I understand why reviewers usually don't talk about performance or game quality because those can and will change in this day and age, but at least the game looked decent. The RTX cores on my 4080 were certainly a huge part of why it looked decent though.

There is a good game here and it is trying so hard to break free, but this just ain't it chief. This game is a solid 4/10. Wait a few months for it to be patched if you really want to get it, but don't hold your breath.

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