New Site Feature: Patron Thanks Page

Published on , 404 words, 2 minutes to read

I've added a patron thanks page to my site. I've been getting a significant amount of money per month from my patrons and I feel this is a good way to acknowledge them and thank them for their patronage. I wanted to have it be as simple as possible, so I made it fetch a list of dollar amounts.

Here are some things I learned while writing this:

Let me know how you like this. I went back and forth on displaying monetary amounts on that page, but ultimately decided not to show them there for confidentiality reasons. If this is a bad idea, please let me know and I can put the money amounts back.

I'm working on a more detailed post about pa'i that includes benchmarks for some artificial and realistic workloads. I'm also working on integrating it into the wamscloud prototype, but it's fairly slow going at the moment.

Be well.

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