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kalama pali pi kulupu Kala

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I've wanted to write a novel for a while, and I think I've finally got a solid idea for it. I want to write about the good guys winning against an oppressive system. I've been letting the ideas and thoughts marinate in my heart for a long time; these short stories are how I am exploring the world and other related concepts. I want to use language as a tool in this world. So here is my take on a creation myth for the main species of this world, the Kala (the title of this post roughly translates to "creation story of the Kala").

This is day 2 of my 100 days to offload.

In the beginning, the gods roamed the skies. Pali, Sona and Soweli talked and talked about their plans.

tenpo wan la sewi li lon e sewi. sewi Pali en sewi Sona en sewi Soweli li toki.

Soweli went down to the world Pali had created. Animals of all kinds followed them as Soweli moved about the earth.

sewi Soweli li tawa e sike. soweli li kama e sike.

Sona followed and went towards the whales. Sona took a liking to how graceful they were in the water, and decided to have them be the arbiters of knowledge. Sona also reshaped them to look like the gods did. The Kala people resulted.

sewi Sona li tawa e soweli sike. sewi Sona li tawa e kala suli. sewi Sona li lukin li pona e kala suli. sewi Sona li pana e sona e kon tawa kala suli. sewi Sona li pali e jan kama kala suli. kulupu Kala li lon.

Pali had created the entire world, so Pali fell into a deep slumber in the ocean.

tenpo pini la sewi Pali li pali e sike. sewi Pali li lape lon telo suli.

Soweli had created all of the animals on the whole world, so Soweli fell asleep in Soweli mountain.

tenpo pini la sewi Soweli li pali e soweli ale. sewi Soweli li lape e nena Soweli.

Sona lifted themselves into the skies to watch the Kala from above. Sona keeps an eye on us to make sure we are using their gift responsibly.

sewi Sona li tawa e sewi. sewi Sona li lukin e kulupu Kala. kulupu Kala li jo sona li jo toki. kulupu Kala li pona e sewi Sona.

This article was posted on M10 12 2020. Facts and circumstances may have changed since publication. Please contact me before jumping to conclusions if something seems wrong or unclear.

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