I Forgive You

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Alicia stood in the throne room of her tormenter. Her blade raised, her spellbook in hand, flipping through the destructive spells to find one that would do the trick. Growling, she hacked towards the king, only to be stopped by an evil shield. The malice seeped into her sword, making her drop it for fear of becoming contaminated as well.

The king looked over to her and laughed. "You fool! Destroy me and you guarantee that another will take my place! You think all of those times we let you win were our accidents? No, we planned this all along. You were chosen for this. We took you from your home as a child. We raised you to our plans. As it was before, so will it begin again! Have at you!"

The king stood up and knocked his brilliant crystal throne over in rage, shattering it against the stone floor. Alicia jumped and shielded, protecting against the fragments.

Flipping through her book, she made her way to the end. There was one spell listed and it took up the last two pages. It read "Forgiveness: forgive your opponent, cast aside all your weapons and armor then walk away."

It struck her as odd; but after that faded Alicia thought about everything that had happened to her in the last few months. The events she had experienced. The life she made for herself. The circumstances that bound her to this catlike form. If it all really was predestined for her and nothing she did had any impact on it, why bother being angry? Is not forgiveness the answer here?

Alicia stepped towards her former master and threw her armor off, cast aside her spellbook and her backup dagger with it. "You know what, I forgive you."

"...you what?"

"I...forgive you. I don’t hate you. You have actually been a positive force in my life even if that wasn’t your intent. If you hadn’t been involved I may have ended up being some boring goon and never really gotten to know myself as the woman I am. You have taken so much from me, but in the process you gave me the tools that I needed to become who I am today, and I forgive you. I forgive your henchmen. I forgive that mage that cursed me into this form. I forgive you. I have no quarrel with you. I’m going to go leave now. Keep my stuff if you want, I don’t need it anymore. It was only going to be used to hurt you, but I have no more need for it because I forgive you."

"This is not how this works you sniveling little bitch! You can’t just walk up to the king of darkness after he made you experience a life of torment and get away scot free! What the fuck is that?"

Alicia turned her head and walked away, lifting her tail to make her exit a graceful one. To tell the truth, she was happy with herself now. She had a family of choice instead of that awful family of origin. She belonged in a community that loved her for who she really was. The circumstances of her life didn’t matter. They still loved her. What room is there for hate when you have love instead?

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