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I'm speaking at Conf42 Rust 2022 and GambiConf EU's Online Day about how this site works!

Read time in minutes: 3

Over the last two weeks I've been working on a conference talk that just so happened to be accepted to two conferences at once. It's about how this website (the one you are reading right now) works and I am so excited to release this out into the wild.

Want to know more? Here's a teaser:

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<Cadey> Extra credit for anyone that can at-mention me on Twitter with a screenshot of the game that the background in that video comes from at the exact same spot!

Here are the promo images I've been given:

The Conf42 version of this talk will be live on M09 01 2022 at around 18:00 UTC.

Blog engines are a fantastic opportunity for self-expression and overengineering things. This is the story of my blog engine through the years as I have made it faster and faster. I currently serve pages so fast that timing how long it took ended up taking longer than serving the pages in the first place. In this talk, I will go over how and why my blog engine in Rust is so fast and what you can learn from it to make your web applications even faster.

The GambiConf version of this talk will be live on M09 10 2022 at around 14:05 UTC.

Dynamic webapps don't have to be slow. In this talk I will break out how I overengineered my blog with Rust to the point that people think it's a static site.

As an extra teaser, here's the first paragraph of my talk:

Speed. Safety. Development experience. Fearless concurrency. These are all things that you associate with programs written in Rust. How about some more buzzwords? Words like elegant? That's a good one. I'm Xe Iaso and I'm going to share the gory details on how my blog works, and why people often mistake it for a static website. Buckle up and kick back, we're going to learn about the internet today.

Want to hear more? Tune to one of those two conferences! Both of them have a fascinating set of talks that I am going to enjoy watching.

As always, I'll get a page up on my website with the slides, talk transcript, youtube embed and more! I'm looking at having this page up by M09 12 2022. If you subscribe to my Patreon you'll get access to my raw scripts (including draft scripts) and initial notes so you can see the evolutions that took place in my creative process.

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