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hlang in 30 Seconds

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hlang (the h language) is a revolutionary new use of WebAssembly that enables single-paridigm programming without any pesky state or memory accessing. The simplest program you can use in hlang is the h world program:


When run in the hlang playground, you can see its output:


To get more output, separate multiple h's by spaces:

h h h h

This returns:



For internationalization concerns, hlang also supports the Lojbanic h '. You can mix h and ' to your heart's content:

' h '

This returns:


Finally an easy solution to your pesky Lojban internationalization problems!


For maximum understandability, compiler errors are provided in Lojban. For example this error tells you that you have an invalid character at the first character of the string:

h: gentoldra fi'o zvati fe li no

Here is an interlinear gloss of that error:

h: gentoldra     fi'o zvati  fe           li         no
   grammar-wrong existing-at second-place use-number 0

And now you are fully fluent in hlang, the most exciting programming language since sliced bread.

This article was posted on M01 04 2021. Facts and circumstances may have changed since publication. Please contact me before jumping to conclusions if something seems wrong or unclear.

Series: h

Tags: satire

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