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Farewell Email - Heroku

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May our paths cross again

Hey all,

Today I am leaving Salesforce for a fantastic opportunity that would allow me to advance into the next chapter of my life with my fiancé in Montreal. I have been irreparably transformed towards my best self as a result of working with you all at Heroku. I've been learning how to harness my inherent weirdness as a skill instead of trying to work around it as a weakness. You all have given me a place that I can do that, and I don't have to hide and lie about as much anymore. You all have given me a place to heal myself, and I don't know words in any language that can express my whole-hearted gratitude for working with me during that process.

The people I've worked with at Heroku have been catalytic to our success as a leader in the platform as a service space, and it's clear to see why. From what I've seen, Herokai on average have something that I don't see very often. Herokai have soul to their work. There is so much intention and care put into things. It's quite obvious that people agonize over their work and dump themselves into it. Our bulletproof stability is proof of this. I can now confidently say I have worked my dream job, and all of you have been a part of this.

There is no doubt in my mind that you all will build fantastically useful and stable tools for Salesforce customers. Keep your eyes on what matters, let your heart guide your actions, and you all will continue to construct and refine the finest possible infrastructure that is possible. We may be limited as humans, but together in groups like this we can surpass these arbitrary differences and create things that really shine.

As one being we repeat the words:

Flow in compassion
Release what is divine
Like cells awakening
We spark the others who walk beside us.
We brighten the path.

Flow in compassion
In doing this we are one being
Calling the rays of light
To descend on all.
We brighten the path.

Flow in compassion
Bring the healing of your deepest self
Giving what is endless
To those who believe their end is in sight.
We brighten the path.
We brighten the path.

  • James

I hope I was able to brighten your path, Creator. May our paths cross again.

Christine Dodrill

This article was posted on M03 08 2019. Facts and circumstances may have changed since publication. Please contact me before jumping to conclusions if something seems wrong or unclear.

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