Chicken Stir Fry

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This recipe was made up by me and my fiancé. We just sorta winged it every time we made it until we found something that was easy to cook and tasty. We make this every week or so.




Put the seasoning in one of the bowls and unwrap the plastic around the chicken breasts. Take each chicken breast out of the package (you may need to cut them free of eachother, use a sharp knife for that) and rub all sides of it around in the seasoning.

Put these into the other metal bowl and when you've done all four, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for about 5-6 hours.

Doing this helps to have the chicken soak up the flavor of the seasoning so it tastes better when you cook it.


Slice two chicken breasts up kinda like this and then transfer to the heated pan with oil in it. Cook those and flip them every few minutes until you've cooked everything all the way through (random sampling by cutting a bit of chicken in half with the spatula and seeing if it's overly juicy or not is a good way to tell, or if you have a food thermometer to 165 degrees fahrenheit or 75 degrees celsius). Put this chicken into a plastic container for use in other meals (it goes really good on sandwiches).

Then repeat the slicing and cooking for the last two chicken breasts. However, this time put half of the chicken into the plastic container you used before (about one chicken breast worth in total, it doesn't have to be exact). At the same time as the second round of chicken is cooking, put about 3 cups of rice and 3.75 cups of water into the instant pot; then seal it and set it to manual for 4 minutes.

Dump frozen vegetables on top of the remainder of the chicken and stir until the vegetables are warm.


Serve the stir fry hot on a bed of rice.

image of the food

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