Review of Wicked Cushions

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I wear headphones a lot. The thing that makes me frustrated with my headphones is how they feel on my head. I use DT 770 Pro headphones at my gaming desk and Audiotechnica ATH-M40x headphones at my work desk, and the cushions on the ATH-M40x's kinda suck over longer periods of time.

This company called Wicked Cushions sponsored Linus Tech Tips' coverage of CES 2024 and I saw that it was like $25 on Amazon so I used it to get free shipping for some sponges and a headphone extension cable for my husband. I figured there was nothing to lose by going for it.

What can I say? They're cushions. They're squishy and feel nice on my head.

Installation was a little finnicky (I'm pretty sure the cushions on the ATH-M40x headphones weren't really designed to be easily user-replaceable for good reason), but once I shimmied it around a few times everything fell into place.

I had very low expectations going into them, but overall I think they are a solid upgrade for solid headphones. I think it also increased the sound deadening a bit, but I don't really have any easy way to test that without putting the old cushions on. That's a bit more effort than I want to give right now.

I'll write a followup article in a few months if I have any other opinions about these things. I seriously doubt I will, but I might. It's headphone cushions, it's pretty hard to have opinions about them because they're good enough.


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