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Searching for information used to be so easy. Now there's so much uninformation that we can't find anything. Then we take all of this trivia and celebrity bullshit and put it into unthinking automatons designed to make us click on ads. What could go wrong?

Enter a small tale of a real story that actually happened IRL. A laptop was loaned for a project and needs to be returned. We had everything we need. We printed the label, put the laptop back into its original box, and then there was one thing missing: the adhesive label pouch. We don't have any and the local adhesive label pouch tree was out of season. I told my husband to head to Staples because I've seen their shipping centre with my own eyes.

In his infinite wisdom, my tech worker DJ husband decided to search for answers with Bing Copilot.

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Is this sub-blogging? Not like sub-tweeting, but sub-tweeting in blog form.

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I get tired too. I'm not a robot. I'm pretty technically literate and I am able to confuse poor Best Buy employees with technical jargon about TVs just as much as you can, but sometimes I have my...moments.

This is roughly what happened next:

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Where can I get an adhesive label pouch for a Purolator package near me?

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Certainly! If you’re looking for a convenient way to attach shipping labels securely, Purolator offers the Purolator Express Pack. This sealable bag is tear- and water-resistant, making it ideal for your shipments. Here are the details:

Content generated by AI using the model Bing Copilot (GPT-4).

Oh good. The first result is a login wall that looks like this:

This is absolutely USELESS. The second link is to a PDF of their packaging guidelines. This is somewhat useful, I guess, it lets us know what we need to do in order to pack the thing safely. But in this case we've already got the item packed up and ready. We just need the damn adhesive label pouch (seriously, where do you find a tree that's always in season??)

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I need to attach a shipment label on a pouch outside of my box.

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Certainly! When attaching a shipment label to a pouch outside of your box, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare the Pouch:
    • Ensure the pouch is clean and free from any debris or dust.
    • If the pouch has a clear window, make sure the label will be visible through it.
  2. Label Placement:
    • Place the shipping label on the pouch in a prominent and easily readable location.
    • Avoid covering any important information on the pouch (such as tracking numbers or barcodes).
  3. Secure the Label:
    • Use clear packing tape to attach the label to the pouch. Make sure it adheres well.
    • If the pouch is made of a material that doesn’t hold tape well, consider using a self-adhesive label pouch.
  4. Positioning:
    • Attach the label to the pouch’s surface, ensuring it is flat and not wrinkled.
    • If the pouch has a flap, place the label on the front side of the flap.
  5. Visibility:
    • Ensure the label is visible and won’t be obstructed by any folds or creases in the pouch.

Remember that a secure and visible label is essential for smooth shipping and delivery. If you have a self-adhesive label pouch, it’s a great option to keep the label protected and securely attached. Happy shipping! 📦🚚

Content generated by AI using the model Bing Copilot (GPT-4).
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Where can I get one around my area?

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Certainly! If you’re looking for a self-adhesive label pouch to attach to your shipment, here are some options you can explore in your area:

  1. Purolator Shipping Centre:
  2. Walmart Supercentre:
    • Walmart offers a range of packaging supplies, including self-seal bubble mailers. You can find them at the Walmart Supercentre.
    • Location: [the same address as before]
    • Hours: Monday to Saturday: 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM, Sunday: 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM.
    • Contact: (613) 867-5309
  3. Walmart Garden Centre:

Remember to check their availability and inquire about specific packaging supplies when you visit. Happy shipping! 📦🚚

Content generated by AI using the model Bing Copilot (GPT-4).
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I'm not sure how to properly add this to the mix, but in the footnotes of that last response, there was a link to a packaging store based in the United Arab Emirates. The Indian Vistaprint link was even more confusing.

How did the AI even make a correlation between a Walmart Garden Centre in Ottawa and a packaging store in the UAE? How do people think this is useful???

Ah yes, the garden centre. The famous place you go to when you want to buy shipping supplies. No but really though, on the advice of this, we went to the Walmart and walked around the whole store.

Guess what wasn't there?

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The Purolator shipping center?

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Yep. There wasn't a Purolator shipping center. We walked around the whole store for 5-10 minutes looking for it. It was not there.

At this point I remember vaguely seeing something that looks like the white eyesore that is the Bing Copilot interface when he was looking for information and I asked him if he seriously got the information from ChatGPT. He was evasive and didn't answer the question. I asked him again and he said he'd get screenshots when we got home.

We checked Purolator's website for information on where we could get the pouch. We found a list of locations and the closest one was a local Best Buy. We drove over there and looked at the website again. It was a Purolator drop-off point, but NOT a place to get shipping supplies. The next closest one was a craft store that we've picked up packages from before. We drove over there and found that they didn't have any adhesive label pouches either. The lady working there was very confused as to what we were looking for and suggested we go to Staples.

We went to Staples and turns out they didn't have any adhesive label pouches and that when the delivery person comes to pick it up, they should have them.

I don't trust the delivery person to have them, so we're going to tape the label to the damn box and hope for the best.

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It would be really funny if we could get them from the UPS store that we drove past three times during this whole ordeal, but I don't feel like it.

So that's why I have a new pack of pens now.

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