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I Put Words on this Webpage so You Have to Listen to Me Now

Top tier satire. Won't be read by anyone who should read it, and will be ignored/laughed at by anyone who does/already agrees.
Literally preaching to the literal choir.
It’s things like this that make me realize just how bizarre this profession really is.
Meanwhile, in two weeks the entire Haskell ecosystem will adapt.
dont read any of the other posts if u dont want to melt ur brain backwards
but yeah needless to say you've basically written the generic form of basically every time I'm subconsciously annoyed by a software dev social pattern
Well executed. The only thing this is missing is a truncated y-axis on the graph.
Why would you do that? Just use jRilkef and call $.flopnax() and it'll automatically flopnax your ropjar. (Marked +240345 by flopnax overflow)
The comments I am reading in response to the words on the website miss the point completely. It is clear from the words on the web page on the link that the point is different than what people here are saying it is. Did you even read those words on the internet web page, accessed from the link, downloaded and subsequently rendered by your browser of choice?

TempleOS: 2 - god, the Random Number Generator

Thank you very much for this series.
I think Terry was more right than most of us would dare to admit. Playing with the thought of setting up a fund to build a statue in his honor!!
I ran the voice of god generator and the first thing it did was call me gay.